An Introduction of Integrated Society for Humanity, Awareness, and Nobility

Integrated Society for Humanity, Awareness, and Nobility is a non-profit organization that is established with the aim to contaminate inequality in various fields i.e. Education, Health, Human, and Child’s rights. It is run by young minds of various Universities and States of India. It has been working since 2014 as an organization and registered under “SOCIETY ACT 1860″.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Education

To address the educational needs of the children, women and senior citizens and to provide the academic education, training, and job-oriented vocational training to specific age groups and to bring the dropout level at a minimum and encourage dropout children and children working as labor for studies and to make them ready to go to school again.

  1. Child Rights and Protection

To provide support and create awareness among children from all sorts of violence, neglect, physical and sexual abuse, dangerous drugs and also help the victim children to recover and contribute towards improvement in the well-being of children particularly those in difficult circumstances, as well as to the reduction of vulnerabilities to situations and activities that lead to discrimination, neglect, abuse, exploitation of children and to abandonment and separation of children.

  1. Social Equality

Integrated Society for Humanity, Awareness, and Nobility aims to create self-help groups in which women independently establish financial institutions that manage profit-making programs and promote equality and in particular the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, and sexual orientation or any combination of these grounds.

  1. Environment

To implement and co-ordinate various projects aimed towards the development and maintenance of the environment, plantations, and all other projects/issues for dealing with bio-diversities and also to carry out research activities.