NGO Partners

Pardarshita is a non-profit organization founded by activists working on pro-poor governance. It got registered in December 2005. Basing itself on the belief that all of us have a fundamental right to live with peace and dignity, the organization began its journey by attempting to empower marginalized poor parents, so that they could access basic educational facilities for their children.

Realizing that a lot more needs to be done, Pardarshita slowly expanded its struggle with the education department to facilitate access to schemes and entitlements within other government departments as well, such as social welfare, food & supply and so on.

Matri Sudha has been evolved as a child rights-based organization envisioned to work with and for children in every possible manner to make sure that every effort must trickle down to the bottom to uplift the children. The very first efforts of four years had resulted in the mainstreaming of 168 children in the formal education system. It was not the story of success but the starting of a journey that has had developed various such stories of success till now.

Matri Sudha now works in three domains- Malnutrition; Adolescents Health & Nutrition; Leadership Development among Young People. The core competencies are – Programme Implementation; Capacity Building & Advocacy.

JOSH works with youth and the larger community on issues of governance, especially on education and citizenship. JOSH works through field interventions in the slums and resettlement colony of Trilokpuri in East Delhi, where it engages with marginalized urban poor youth and community members to work towards improving delivery of quality education and youth development. JOSH also undertakes policy interventions that are informed by its field experience.